25 April 2007

TechCrunch looking for a UK editor - will be interesting to watch!

TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde has posted a position on their Crunchboard seeking an editor to restart/relaunch the UK TechCrunch site. The UK TechCrunch site appears to be behind a login as of tonight.
It will be interesting to watch what the reaction from the UK/Euro audience is to the posting. I know that when the hubbub happened regarding the past editor(s), there was a ton of buzz floating around. I won't go into it because I honestly don't know all the facts. I just know that I had a mailbox full of annoid Brits wanting to both know what happened and also find a new outlet for news. It is important to remember that online we have short memories and forgive quicker than we do many times in real life.
The requirements listed are: a passion for breaking news, being number one and defining the future of the web.
I wish Heather great success in finding the next editor for the site. Hiring is almost always a difficult process especially with an ocean between the countries. The person who receives the job will certainly have great backing behind him or her along with awesome visibility. If you wish to apply, just visit the listing on the Crunchboard.


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