25 May 2007

5 Key trends in Chinese mobile industry

As the world's largest mobile phone manufacturing base with more than 480 million subscribers as of Q1 2007, the world is keeping a watchful eye over China. After all, whatever happens in the Sleeping Dragon of the East will significantly alter the global playing field. In the latest International Mobile-phone Industry Exposition (IMIE) held last May 18-20, 2007, industry experts have identified that key trends in China are composed of 3i (integration, internationalization, and innovation) and 2s (segmentation and scale).
Scale: Global players are rushing to China to get a slice of this fast growing cake.Segmentation: The rapid expansion of China's mobile communication market and industry scale demands to vertically segment the application marketInnovation: With more emerging Asian EMS/ODM markets, the way out for Chinese suppliers have to be evolving from "Made in China" to "Made by China."Internationalization & Integration: With expanding the industrial scale and quickening the pace of innovation, the entire domestic mobile terminal industry needs to step into the world, seeking new markets, technologies, capital and other resources for more development space.


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