11 May 2007

Earnings: T-Mobile Revenue Increased 10.9 Percent On International Gains

Taking its global mobile business, T-Mobile showed an increase in revenue of 10.9 percent to 8.4 billion euros (US$11.3 billion) while profit increased by 1 percent to 1.066 billion euros (US$1.437 billion). --T-Mobile Deutschland’s customer base rose by 5.1 percent to 33.0 million customers in the first quarter. T-Mobile Deutschland’s revenue dropped by 2.6 percent to 1.95 billion euros (US$2.63 billion), due to a drop in prices and termination fees because of heavy competition. However, the revenue is falling lower as customers with the lower prices make more calls: Among contract customers, calling minutes increased by an average of 11 percent per customer compared with the previous year. --T-Mobiel USA increased the number of customers by almost 1 million in the first quarter of 2007 to a total of 26 million customers, 74 percent of whom are contract customers. --T-Mobile UK saw a drop of 1.2 percent in the number of its customers to 16.7 million, with the silver lining being that the prepaid segment shrank while the number of contract customers increased by 106,000 during the quarter. --Eastern European companies recorded positive customer growth during the first quarter of 2007, particularly PTC in Poland, which gained 145,000 customers, along with the national companies in Hungary and the Czech Republic. --T-Mobile recorded international revenue of 6.4 billion euros (US$8.6 billion), a year-on-year gain of 15.8 percent. Inorganic growth from the full consolidation of PTC in Poland and tele.ring in Austria were among the factors contributing to this positive result. Double-digit organic growth in revenue in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Slovakia also had a positive impact, as well as ARPU growth in the US and UK. Adjusted EBITDA from national companies abroad increased by 23.4 percent to 1.8 billion euros (US$2.4 billion).


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