17 May 2007

Mobile TV is not that Popular

A survey by Canalys has shown a moderately strong interest in mobile TV. The online survey was conducted in April among more than 2,000 employed, adult mobile phone users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, and found that 49 percent of respondents had absolutely no interest in mobile TV—even a free service. So 51 percent (of a very large audience) is interested in some form of mobile TV, but Canalys points out that a range of content and options is required to get these customers.

29 percent showed interest in Live TV such as sport or reality shows
23 percent showed interest in content related to hobbies or personal interests that they could not get at home
23 percent showed interest in watching the shows they did get at home
15 percent said they would be interested in watching videos from web sites such as YouTube
14 percent liked the idea of place-shifting content that they had already recorded at home --

There was similar levels of interest in short clips, half-hour programmes and full-length movies

For ad-supported services, the survey showed higher interest around vehicle and pedestrian navigation, mobile e-mail and IM than for TV.


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