14 May 2007

SPB Phone Suite

Spb Software House has always been known for applications focused on extending device usability. Their newest product, Spb Phone Suite, is focused on filling the gap in functionality between Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition devices and their Smartphone siblings - Spb Phone Suite improves phone experience on Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC Phone Edition) devices.
The two Spb top utilities still miss one part of Windows Mobile that needs to be improved - using the device as a phone. This gap is now filled up with Spb Phone Suite: - Spb Pocket Plus: the best service pack for adding missed features- Spb Mobile Shell: improves device usability- NEW! Spb Phone Suite: improves all phone related scenarios

Although Windows Mobile is a very powerful platform it still misses some important phone features that can be found in most modern mobile phones. These are features like profiles, call filtering, missed call notification, dialing with photos, etc. Spb Phone Suite adds these and more phone features to bring Windows Mobile to a level expected from a modern mobile phone.
** Main Features **
- Profiles - Missed call notifications- Unread SMS notifications- Call filtering- Reject & reply with SMS- Photo speed dial - Photos in call log- Wireless manager- Automatic profile- Wireless settings in profiles- Customizable Today plug-in
You can find out more about Spb Phone Suite at the Spb Software House web site. Also - I am currently preparing a review of Spb Phone Suite, so stay tuned!


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