09 May 2007

Vertu Celebrates Summertime with Strawberries and Cream

You surely have been living in caves if you haven’t heard about the luxury cellphone maker Vertu. The Nokia’s luxury division Vertu has now strawberries and cream to celebrate this summer. Well, I am not talking about the fruits but yet another exceptional edition version of Ascent luxury mobile phone. The Special Edition Strawberry and Cream models add an inimitable pierced leather back in either a cream or strawberry color to match the surface of the seasonal fruit. The luxury phone touts a high-performance 20 mm hands-free loudspeakers with advance Yamaha polyphonic hardware and sapphire-coated LCD. The meticulously-made stainless steel keys and the bling thing will further add to its cost. As usual, the pricing is unknown but Vertu lovers can find the special edition Strawberry and Cream handsets in Vertu stores worldwide by June.


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