26 June 2007

1000's of iphone fans to hangup this friday

TENS of thousands of people are expected to line up this Friday for themost hyped gadget of the decade - the iPhone.
Don't be one of them.
Oh, it's a technological marvel. But Apple's all-in-one handheld isn't the best cellphone - or even the best iPhone - that will be sold in the next year.
The iPhone crams so many different features into its slightly bulky form that it can only excel at one, and compromise on the rest. After spending some time, albeit briefly, with the iPhone, it's clear to me that Internet and e-mail are the parts that suffered.
We're seeing the very first Apple iPhone shipments start to hit airports across the country. From there, they will be escorted under armed-guard to the FedEx trucks that are slated to deliver the precious cargo to Apple and AT&T stores across the US.
We also have word that the iPhone will be offered with an iPhone data plan. The "iPlan" (get it?) will an unlimited-flavored data package and may include 2,000 or unlimited SMS text messages for $34 to $44 per month.
And the invasion of the giant iPhones has started! Apple Stores nationwide are setting up for the Friday launch! Too bad the giant iPhones might be more durable than the real thing.


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