05 June 2007

Mobile search in 3 dimensions

Jerusalem-based, U.S. incorporated Power2B has developed a new 3D user interface technology that works in small mobile devices as well as in large home and presentation screens.
The technology uses an active stylus or remote controller to direct the screen. The company says that its tiny components (0.5 - 4mm, depending on the application) add minimal bulk to host device design, and may be integrated within current size specifications. Its technology provides touch-screen data (x, y) - without the touch-screen – with a less power-hungry display experience.
A single electromagnetic light source provides all data in an inexpensive, replaceable/rechargeable stylus that may be as small as a mobile device stylus, or as large as a television remote. It gives true 3D coordinate using proprietary algorithms provides absolute positional data.
Sarah Lipman, a founder and the research director of the company will participate in the Helsinki MobileMonday June 4 event.
“In the mobile space, the Power2B technology enables new UIs and new gaming possibilities... but the most exciting application in my mind is the creation of a visual representation of search results based on semantic web processes. Instead of giving a linear list of results (OK on the desktop, but horrendous on mobile), we want to group results conceptually, so that using our hover-sensitive and touch-sensitive inputs, you can rotate, zoom, and manipulate whole families of results quickly, naturally, and visually, Lipman says.


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