11 June 2007

More YouTube Money Grab Lawsuits

It really doesn't seem that difficult to understand how YouTube works, but plenty of people keep acting confused and blaming YouTube for things it has no responsibility over. Of course, the cynical take is that these people know exactly how YouTube works, but see this as an easy money grab. Take, for example, the case of a country music publisher that has decided to sue Google/YouTube over the fact that some videos on YouTube contain music they hold a copyright on. They don't seem to acknowledge the fact that there isn't any revenue at risk here. No one is listening to their music in a video on YouTube and deciding not to go buy it. In fact, it's likely the opposite is happening. Second, they're blaming YouTube, rather than the individuals who are actually doing the infringing. Finally (and most amusingly), they're complaining that it's difficult for them to find those who infringe on their copyrights, but don't acknowledge that it's equally difficult for Google to monitor the videos for the exact same reason. The law still remains pretty clear here that Google is well within DMCA safe harbors, but in paying off a few record labels the morning they purchased YouTube, Google opened the door for exactly these kinds of lawsuits.


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