27 June 2007

whats missing in iphone

The Apple iPhone arrives on Friday, and you're probably trying to rationalize outlaying thousands of dollars over the next two years just so you can get Google Maps anywhere you go, right? Hey, I don't blame you, but drink three of these and you'll have no trouble in that departmentWhat's missing from the iPhone in its current configuration? Let's see...

No instant messaging
No way to IM pictures, videos, sounds (i.e. no MMS)
Can't cut and paste
Can't edit or save Word, Excel, PDF documents
Camera can't record video
Can't play Web pages with Flash
No access to iTunes Music Store
No games
No way to download contacts from old phones
Can't turn contact lists into e-mail distribution lists
Can't turn iPod songs into ring tones
No way to search phone book or song lists
No voice dialing
No quick way to move up or down pages
Not clear if there is support for Microsoft Exchange
No other carrier except AT&T Wireless
No AT&T Wireless insurance
No way to change SIM card or battery except through Apple
No GPS or real-time navigation system
No access to a fast, 3G network (for that you'll have to wait for iPhone 2.0)


bnycastro June 28, 2007 at 6:10 AM  

i'd say wait for version 2 :) thanks for the link btw! greets from Manila, Philippines

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