23 July 2007

Amp'd Mobile shutting downToday

According to different sources all over the world, Amp'D Mobiles is shuttign down its services today. The embattled MVNO alerted subscribers to the shutdown via text message over the weekend, urging consumers wishing to port their Amp'd phone number to a rival carrier to do so by the end of business today. No early termination fee will apply, although prepaid subscribers due an outstanding unpaid credit, rebate or refund will need to file a claim "to be considered for payment." According to the FAQ, Amp'd "is currently in discussions with several parties" exploring a potential acquisition.

Amp'd customers were alerted to the shutdown via text message over the weekend. Anyone still using the Amp'd network that wishes to port their number to a non-bankrupt cellular carrier is urged strongly to do so today. (Though numbers should theoretically still be portable after the shutdown, it will likely be easier to do so now.)

Amp'd was well known as Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO, a term which means it doesn't have its own infrastructure but rather leases network space from other carriers (in this case, Verizon). Other (relatively) popular MVNOs include Virgin Mobile, Helio, and Boost Mobile. To date, no MVNO has made much of a dent in the U.S. cellular market, though many continue to try.

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