23 July 2007

Cracking Windows Passwords is even more easier for HACKERS now!

Using @stake LC4 (formerly L0phtCrack), now you can easily crack the Windows passwords. However since Symantec stopped development of L0phtcrack, use Sean's program called LC5.
Just like L0phtCrack, LC5 attacks your Windows machine with a combination of dictionary and brute force attacks.

LC5 can crack almost all common passwords in seconds. More advanced passwords with numbers and characters takes longer.

The main purpose of the LCP program is user account passwords auditing and recovery in Windows NT/2000/XP.


Windows NT, 2000 and XP passwords are stored as encrypted hash marks. LC5 attacks these hash marks with hundreds of passwords per minute. Eventually the correct password will be sent and then displayed to the screen.

Hackers can install this application onto a primary domain controller and steal hundreds of passwords within minutes.


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