31 July 2007

Iris Recognition in Windows Mobile Gadgets

According to a news from windowsfordevices.com, Iris recognition technology has been introduced in new Windows Mobile.The "Iris Recognition Technology for Mobile Terminals" software reportedly uses existing cameras and currently targets handheld devices running Windows Mobile, Windows XP, or Symbian OS.

For several years, Oki has been providing iris-recognition equipment, but these devices required dedicated infrared cameras. The company says its new middleware can now use any camera offering more than 1 megapixels. This permits developers to add biometric security to easily-stolen mobile devices, without a fingerprint reader or other additional hardware.

Devices will reportedly be able to scan a user's eye for authentication, then unlock themselves in less than half a second, as long as they have RISC processors clocked at 220MHz or above. If the host camera offers 2 megapixels or more, Oki says, false positives will occur in no more than 1 out of 100,000 scans.

A device's camera must be able to focus on the iris and capture its diameter in 100 pixels or more. Oki said its software will require about 200KB of storage and 200KB of RAM when in operation.

Teruo Iijima, general manager of Oki Electric's business incubation division, stated, "we are very pleased to introduce this technology which will enable manufacturers to include iris recognition technology in their mobile phones and PDAs. Users will now be able to utilize their mobile terminals with security and peace of mind."

In October of 2005, Oki began marketing a technology claimed to inexpensively add face recognition to camera-equipped cellphones. Oki's "Face Sensing Engine" (FSE) "middleware" could decode facial images within 280mS on a 100MHz ARM9 processor, and could restrict access to mobile devices by recognizing their owners, the company said at the time.

The new iris recognition middleware appears to be available now, though Oki Electric has not released pricing details. Devices using the technology are expected to go on sale in 2008. The recommended development environment is Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005.


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