19 August 2007

Rethinking MVNO and MVNE Economics

Pyramid Research as issued a featured report that is basically targeting Mobile Operators, MVNO, MVNEs, Financial instituions and vendors. Following are the key questions that are answered in this report:
  • What are the economic realities of the MVNO business? How do the key margin indicators compare among the prepaid MVNOs, cost-heavy MVNOs, and traditional mobile players?

  • Can MVNOs make money? What have been the key drivers of profitability—or lack thereof?

  • Does the MVNO model make sense for content providers?

  • How should the MVNO model evolve to be successful?

  • What is the business case for an MNO to host MVNOs? How has the entry of MVNOs affected mobile markets?

  • What are the ingredients for successful MNO-MVNO partnerships? How have MNOs prevented cannibalization of their revenues after partnering with MVNOs?

  • Do MVNOs need MVNEs? How is the MVNE role evolving to make the MVNO model work?


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