20 August 2007

SMS Will Rule Your Life

According to a latest article of Timothy S. Hillebrand, Ph.D. , the future of text messaging will bring a big change in lives of mobile users. People will use the SMS technology for making money. As he says,

"I doubt if there is a phone sold today that will not do text messaging. However, the real test is whether a phone is Web-enabled. Some phones are incapable of true Web browsing and some have limited capabilities and can only access a few carrier-specific Web sites. Some phones do not let you connect to hyperlinked Web sites. If that describes your phone, get rid of it and get a Windows Mobile device at your earliest convenience so that you can take advantage of the full potential of SMS. "

Text messaging lets you quickly send and receive information, make reservations, make contributions, send money, receive money, make money, and save money. SMS is a powerful way to target consumers on the move because it goes where the customers are. Most consumers find the novelty of SMS fun and engaging. Compared to the efficiency of SMS, e-mail will become the "snail mail" of the electronic age. Texting will soon become the preferred marketing method for large and small businesses. Bill Gates predicts that mobile phones are the future"-"not laptops, and not Pocket PCs. As this future unfolds, mobile marketing will expand accordingly.

Get a large variety og applications for your mobiles directly onm your handset through sms. You just have to click the link recieved through SMS and application will start installing on your device. Surf the web and get the applications of your choice using SMS delivery.


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