08 August 2007

Take Care of your Apple handset with AppleCare

iPhone AppleCare protection plans will become available sometime this month from the Apple Store (click “Warranty”) for $69 per year.

An iPhone AppleCare plan will cover hardware repairs for your iPhone through the first year after your one-year limited warranty expires.

Apple says iPhone AppleCare plans will include coverage for the iPhone battery as well. That means you won’t have to pay $86 for a replacement iPhone battery once yours dies after 400 charges.

So if you plan to keep your iPhone for a while, an AppleCare plan may be a better buy, at $69, than an iPhone replacement battery for $86.

Plus, if you’re one of those who goes without an iPhone case because you like to show off your shiny, naked new gadget, an iPhone AppleCare plan will give you a lot less to stress about.

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