06 September 2007

Not Happy with Paying Extra Sales Tax? Visit Youpark!

US Customers seems quite annoying on giving extra sales tax on purchasing products from various mobile content delivery platforms. On AT&T wilress forum, many visitors have objected this, like foxpaw says,

"Has anyone else noticed that, along with their notorious "Download Protection" fee, Handango started charging state sales tax about a week ago??? Here in Virginia, that comes to an additional 5.5%; and in some states, it will be much higher, of course!

So now a $19.99 software program at Handango....add $4.99 "Download Protection" (aka "download ransom" ) ....then, add another $1.37 for VA sales tax.....and that $19.99 program now costs $26.35. YIKES!!!

Time to shop elsewhere for goodies for my terrific AT&T 8525..... "

Well i think its time to shop from Youpark.com.they are delivering content with out adding any extra taxes on purchased products. You only have to pay product price and VAT applied on that product. Also, there are few portals which are delivering products with 10% discounts too. Nclubsoft.com which is delivering content for Nseries devices and DogandBones.com having all games. You can get 10% discount on all the products by just getting a voucher code for free. I think its the best opprtunity for US based customers to buy quality products with discounts.


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