11 September 2007

Sony cuts prices on A810, S610 series Walkmans

According to a latest post of Tech Gadget Blog Sony's new A810 and S610 series Walkmans have just barely made it out the door, but it looks like the company has already decided to shave a few bucks off the price of 'em. According to the Sony Style website, the A810 now starts at $120 for the 2GB model (as opposed to the $140 launch price), while the 4GB will set you back $150 and the 8GB demands an even $200. The S610 series, on the other hand, now starts at just $100 for the 2GB model (down from $120 before), with the 4GB and 8GB coming it at $130 and $180, respectively. The Walkman B100 series, introduced around the same time as the other two, looks to be the only one unchanged, costing $60 for the 1GB version and $80 for the 2GB. Get the latest applications for your Sony from Youpark. The best selling mobile softwares provider!


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