22 November 2008

Verizon launches BlackBerry Storm


Verizon has today announced the launching of the RIM most anticipated Blackberry storm phone for its network. Storm smart phone boasts exceptional performance, a stunning display and rich features including 3G (HSPA) network support, GPS, desktop-style web pages, advanced multimedia, a first class phone, camera and robust messaging capabilities – all designed to give users an incredibly fast and powerful mobile experience.Only a single model of the Storm is available with 1GB of built-in memory and microSDHC storage to add more. A new, more touch-specific media player app on the phone itself as well as Media Sync for Windows PCs help users synchronize the phone with iTunes for unprotected content. RIM’s new phone also plays home to the App Center, a new carrier-customizable central portal for downloading and managing third-party software.

BlackBerry Storm smartphone is the perfect choice for both personal users and business customers. Blackberry storm features a unique and innovative SurePress touchscreen, which depresses ever so slightly when the screen is pressed, dramatically enhances the touch interface for both typing and navigation and gives users an experience they can actually feel. The device matches the $199 contract price of the rivalling iPhone 3G at AT&T and is widely regarded as Verizon’s best alternative to the Apple handset in features and focus. Blackberry Storm has a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen meant for finger input but relies on a unique click action that requires a physical push downwards for some actions, simulating a physical button press.

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