22 May 2009

Google Chrome gets new update with 30% more speed but still below IE, Firefox browsers

Google Chrome has got an update this make it even more faster that its arch rivals (IE,firefox). According to mashable.com Google Chrome claims the new update give more speed to the existing speed with its now form auto-fill, an option to customize the website thumbnails you see .

In Google chrome when users opens new tab, and a new full-screen mode,all browser features are eliminated except for the actual page you’re viewing so you can see the largest version possible.

But being in an industry where users are filled with way too many choices and following two rivals, goggle Chrome has to be best for user to switch off their browsers and go for chrome.

Chrome still still doesn’t have an extensions platform or a Mac version available. Nonetheless, Chrome clearly remains a big focus for Google , and as we recently noted, the company is even resorting to TV ads to try and push adoption.


Jack Stanley May 22, 2009 at 4:11 PM  

Despite of the fact that Chrome is in lack of an extension system yet, (quite few people know) there are some pioneering add-ons existed already. e.g., Cleeki, has provided its add-on for Chrome. You can consider Cleeki as an alternative to IE8 accelerators, only superior. Select any text, and Cleeki can search/share/publish on the Internet and preview the results immediately in the same page. Check it out yourself:


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