17 May 2009

Is Wolfram Alpha a threat to google and Wikepedia

There is a new better search engine Wolfram Alpha which poses lot of threat to its existing competitors like google and wikipedia . Wolfram Alpha is an answer-engine developed by Wolfram Research.

How is Wolfram Alphadiffernt from Google

Wolfram Alpha is almost like plugging into a vast electronic brain. Wolfram Alpha provides sophisticated and and thorough answers to a wide range of questions asked in many different ways, and it computes answers,

It doesn’t merely look them up in a big search index. So its very much smarter than (and different from) Google.

Google only sotres AND retrieves on keyword searches. Google doesn’t understand the question or the answer, and doesn’t compute answers based on models of various fields of human knowledge.

So its look like we are almost reaching a Web 4.0 stage, when a search engine is smart enough to understand what a search query really means.

But obviously its knowledge is very limited at this stage, but the engines does look promising and may eventually be taken over by Google. (Google loves to eat up anything that has any potential in their field). Below I have a simple screen shot of how the interface looks like:



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