19 May 2009

Napster unlimited songs download package for $5 Monthly for 5 DRM free MP3

Napster brings new subscription plan offers users unlimited on-demand streaming of any song from the company’s 7-million track catalog in exchange for a $5 monthly subscription which comes with 5 DRM-free MP3s each month. Strategicaly theis package aims to kill the cut throat competition amoung music service Spotify, which is not yet available in the US.

That service offers a free option of unlimited on-demand streaming. It includes occasional ads, which can be avoided through a day pass or monthly fee.

Napster’s plan acknowledges this fact. It respects the growing pastime of Web-based music discovery, even suggesting music to users, a la Pandora, while attempting to be a merchant that makes some direct sales in the process. And it will even place completed downloads in a user’s iTunes library, automatically. Your move, Apple.


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