08 June 2009

Cool social Bookmarkinga Add-ons for Firefox

Digg might be the best online application for bookmarking but blog authors are heavily relaying on its 3rd parts add-ons sites to drive visitors. Below are few most used 3rd party tools for DIGG which skidzopedia

Interclue for Firefox - I you are really curious to show what really is behind a certain link interclue gives you details you need to know. It also shows current Digg count and allows you to Digg the site.

Groowe Search Toolbar - Groowe Firefox Toolbar gives digg button while it adds many more buttons like shopping sites, download sites, including Google toolbar, Yahoo, Amazon, EBay, Ask, Msn, Download.com, Wikipedia, Digg, del.icio.us and others.

Smart Digg Button – Samrt digg saves your time and effort shwoing the current web page is already submitted to Digg, or not. Otherwise, it will display you how many Diggs the page has received.

Digg This! - Blogers most favourite buttons, adds digg This! button to the right-click menu, the tools menu and the toolbar.

Digg.com Comment Spotlight - Digg Comment Spotlight Shows comments on articles, allowing you to easily wade through hundreds of comments in an article.

Netscape’s Digg Tracker - Helps you keep track of your Digg friends by displaying what they have been submitting, digging and commenting on.

DiggThumbs - Adds website screen shot thumbnails to the listings on Digg.

Cache View - Displays Google’s Cache, Wayback Machine’s Cache, Coral’s Cache, Tech Guru’s Cache, Dot Cache and more, thus keeping a site viewable even after a crash from the “Digg effect.”

Dugged - Adds a dugg-mirror link to websites listed on Digg.

Tadsee - Displays a site’s content through cache if it has crashed, similar to Cache View

Update Scanner - Monitors web pages for updates. Useful for websites that don’t provide Atom or RSS feeds. Sometimes it allows you to grab and submit new stories or articles before other Digg users.

Digg Search Plugin - Firefox plugin that lets you search digg for stories.

Bumblesearch - Firefox extension for advanced search with support for Digg, Slashdot, Amazon, etc.

Cacheout! - Firefox Extension lets you access articles crashed by digg effect through 3rd party caching services like CoralCDN.

gada.be - Search most social bookmarks, this URL will only search digg.

Keotag - Searches digg and other social services.

Newzpile - Realtime web buzz tracker using Ajax, lets you Search Digg, Flickr, Newswine, Youtube

opsdo - Meta search engine, has a digg button if you expand the social block.

Talk Digger - Searches conversations from a lots of places, including Digg.

whonu - Meta discovery search engine that has Digg.

YubNub digg Command List - Firefox Search Plugin that can be installed on every browser, mobile, sidebar or even as mac widget


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