12 June 2009

Nokia may bring phones which needs no chargers

Nokia is developing a technology that needs no chargers or solar light to charge mobile devices. Nokia will be able to charge cell phones by using ambient radio waves. If nokia is successful with this development it will largely change the current technology this reducing energy demand. If every cell phone could pull a charge of juice out of thin air. NRC Cambridge UK laboratory develops nanotechnologies for mobile communication and ambient intelligence.

Nokia Research labs at Cambridge are trying to develop a technology that can harvest small amounts of energy from ambient radio and TV waves. The cell phone would pick up radio wave frequencies as low as 500 megahertz up to 10 gigahertz, which includes television broadcasts, microwave ovens, mobile phones, wireless LAN, bluetooth, GPS, and two-way radios. In theory, two circuits would be capable of receiving and then converting the free energy to an electrical current to charge the battery of a cell phone


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