26 June 2009

Review : TEL3Dialer App for iPhone Users

TEL3 announced its new free applicationTEL3Dialer App for iPhone users. TEL3 ois a free trial version for new customers including up to 60 free International minutes along with the free app download on the App Store iPhone users can now dial direct from their contact list while enjoying low international rates of TEL3 combined with superior call quality.

The company started a new campaign with the product launch for a limited time, . No commitment or credit card required for the free trial.

With this application users get to place international calls at very low rates because the TEL3Dialer enables a seamless direct connection to TEL3's platform without having to dial any toll free or local access numbers during the call. Customers can place calls with their iPhone direct or from existing contacts or even from recent call list.

Once a customer downloads TEL3Dialer on the App Store, the whole International calling experience will change and users will immediately start saving money while enjoying the flexibility and the convenience of their iPhone. With this application, they will be able to make International calls for pennies that will be debited from their prepaid TEL3 balance while using only regular domestic airtime with their existing wireless provider.


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