04 October 2009

iMobile Care: iPhone First Aid App,

iMobile Care an iphone application now available at app store is an easy to use app to gain fast and essential information about medical conditions and situations. iMobile Care is useful for anyone wishing to learn the correct procedures for providing first aid care. It is of great use when emergency personal is not available so this innovative and next generation first aid app serves as a quick reference guide, while also providing location, imaging and personalized features.

The last version of iMobile Care app was to provide information, updates and alerts about the H1N1 or Swine Flu virus. The iMobile Care app works best for users who have gone through the various conditions and situations located on the iMobile Care app. VisionSync, Inc. advises users of the iMobile Care app to be familiar with the guide before conditions or situations occur.

iMobile provides few settings for users based individual conditions and situations. So if users have epilepsy, for example, they can input specific messages prior to having a seizure. Or if users have certain allergies, they can type a message in, with special instructions, for others to see on the iPhone screen, if for example, one of the users experiences an allergic reaction after an insect bite or jellyfish sting.

The iMobile Care App includes:

  • Illustrated First Aid Guide with concise and effective instructions
  • Personalized Platform for creating messages, instructions, and emergency country code numbers
  • Emergency Button (911 for USA )
  • SOS Distress Signal Button
  • Search and Navigation Button
  • Location-Aware and Mapping Component
  • Image Capturing Button for snapping and storing photos after serious situations, such as insect bites, car accidents, and injuries.


Peter,  October 5, 2009 at 2:27 AM  

My daughter has asthma.
This first aid app is going to save A LOT of lives!

Thank you for this article!

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