11 November 2009

Samsung releases two new mobile phones,The musical & The social

Samsung has released two new mobile phones. Samsung B3410 and Samsung M3310 mobile phones targets youth through their diff set of mobile applications, however, unlike others of their equivalent models are not as colorful.

The social

The first model called Samsung B3410 and has a special focus on social networking services. It has a 2.6 inch touch screen with TouchWiz interface and a QWERTY keyboard that can slide out from the side. The camera is 2 megapixels, but there is no 3G in the model, which otherwise would have been plus when you would use its built-in support of social services like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and MySpace.

The musical

The next model called Samsung M3310. M3310 a music orientated mobile in the slide. Foremost: the portion coming up a numeric keypad to appear, while two speakers are revealed, if one ignores that part down. There is no 3G in samusng M3310 in this model, but in turn is the 3 megapixel camera, and the battery should be clear throughout the 75 hours of music playback in the headphones, which can be connected using a standard socket of 3.5 millimeters.

Both models should be available in Europe this month. The price for Samsung B3410 should land on 1200 dollars while the price of the M3310 is still unknown.


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