05 November 2009

Yellow Pages application for iphone

Beside few voip apps on itunes there are not many Yellow Pages app for iphone but now there have a corrected mobile site so that iPhone Users can also navigate. The application is map which displays location-based search and route guidance on iphone . Additionally iphone users can add contacts to their address book found, call them or recommend other one search.

"Our mobile side has been the cornerstone in the development of our application. We have heard of users and developing an iPhone and iPod touch applications where speed and accessibility is king. We also had in mind that not all iPhone applications that work on iPod touch. And made sure that people who have a iPod touch, Of course, will be able to search for friends, family, cinemas, cafes and electricians in our application, "says the Jørgen Nicolaisen Product Manager at De Gule Sider A / S.

Download the application here via Direct iTunes link.


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