18 December 2009

Travelling international. Here is how to keep your bill low

Are you traveling make and you want to make an international call from your mobile ? It may soon cost high

The solution

Some voice over Internet (VoIP) services now works via mobile phone and uses Wi-Fi, local GSM minutes or a combination of both.

1) Ideally, you should use a mobile with Wi-Fi, so you can use VoIP like Vopium, truphone whenever you are near a wireless connection - bars, cafes etc.

2) Install a mobile app, such as Vopium, truphone . This service either routes your call through the Internet from a Wi-Fi access points until it reaches a mobile, or using local minutes on your home network for your mobile signal on the network.

3) If you use Skype, you might want to install Skype Mobile on a compatible mobile. It will let you call Skype contacts at local rates or overseas numbers for your local rate plus Skype's standard rate.

Note: Try not to make VoIP calls over a 3G data connection when you are roaming. It will ruin you.

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