13 January 2010

Samsung ready with 30 nm technology flashramdensity-nand-flash-for-mobile-devices

Samsung is among the leading producers of flashram in the world, and they have just sent their last trump card in the market, flashram made by a 30 nm manufacturing process.

Initially there will be two products on the market. One is a moviNAND chip with a capacity of 64 GB and the second is the world's first production-ready 32 GB microSD card.

The high capacity is achieved not only by the reduced memory cells, but also by putting more layers on top of each other. Thus contains the microSD card eight layers, each 32 gigabit, and a layer of control circuitry.

moviNAND chip is already put into mass production, and microSD card tested pt of OEM customers, but put into mass production next month.


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