11 March 2010

Facebook reunites Father,son after 70 years

98-year-old George Mumby was reunited with his 71-year-old son through Facebook. That was the granddaughter of George, 23-year-old Sophie, who took Terry Mumby.

George left his then 1-year-old son when he went to war during the Second World War, after which he saw his son more. The marriage did not, and his then-in-law got custody of Terry

George was after the war married again and had three more children. When Sophie heard of her unknown uncle, she decided to take him, so father and son could be reunited before it was too late. After many unsuccessful searches she chose to try their luck at Facebook, where she took 7 people named Terry Mumby, New Year's Eve when she wrote to them all with the story, the day after there was a message to her, saying "It's me"

She arranged a meeting with them both, after which her grandfather said it was the best day of his life


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