04 April 2010

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Apple sued over iTunes technology

Apple Inc. was sued Wednesday over allegations its iTunes online music store and iPod music players are illegally using a patented method for distributing digital media over the Internet.

BBC Puts iPlayer Catch-Up TV On iPhone

After much rumor, the BBC has made its iPlayer TV catch-up service available on iPhone – its first mobile implementation. The service does not use the new SDK nor an iPhone version of Flash but

Nike and Apple are making the iPod compatible with gym equipment.

Nike and Apple are making the iPod compatible with gym equipment.

Life of Steve Jobs what makes him perfect

The most admired personality when it comes to being an innovator, Steve was worth $200 million by 25, he made the cover of Time magazine at 26, and was thrown out of the company at age 30, in 1985.One of the great things about Steve Jobs is what comes out of his mouth and the function that his brain does while bringing the ideas float with his team.

Next-generation iPhone to use 3G Infineon chipset in mid-2008

What’s that you say? The next-generation iPhone is a-coming? According to a note from UBS global equity research analyst Nicolas Gaudois, Apple has tapped German chip-maker Infineon to outfit the guts of the next-gen 3G iPhone


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