20 May 2010

Nokia N900 Update

The Nokia N900 is currently running on the operating system's firmware version 1.1.1. This presents problems, however, increased: Criticism reaps Others the camera function, calendars, videos and dropouts at the map software. With a firmware update should do to fix this, but actually circulated an unofficial version of this, has the significant errors and damages the deviceIn order to avoid a complete crash, including data loss and multiple reboots are strongly advised not to install the software.

So far, it seems likely that employees of Nokia the new, currently in the planning phase located, copied and firmware have brought this last Sunday in the circulation. But has the update on significant errors and deficiencies that may damage the N900 even.

Caution: Forum report nor the benefits

The new firmware version for the Nokia N900 is not yet published. All the more curious it seems that forums and blogs still report the benefits of the updates such as improving the speed of the device and an optimization of the flash and media player.

Caution should be exercised in any case! The software is no more sanctioned by Nokia, published as planned. This Nokia would now after Apple's prototype "scandal" of the second Mobile Phone ManufacturersWho must deal with lags in-house


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