26 July 2010

Mozilla Launches 'Candy Loss' to Firefox 4

In the next major update to the Mozilla browser, Firefox 4 is announced some changes and news, among other tabs will move to the top, as it is known from Chrome. Now they go a step further with the tabs and introduces "Loss Candy".

In short, there is a whole new way to manage its tabs on. Today it can quickly become unreadable if you have many pages open at once, especially when the tabs start to "disappear" from the list and you have to scroll to see the rest.

With Loss Candy is the end, since it at the touch of a button, can see all his fanblade in what can best be described as an Exposé-like feature. Here it is possible to group tabs by dragging and dropping them so relevant pages belong together.

Yet this is an early alpha version of the function, and developer Aza Raskin has many ideas for what should be possible. In a video you can see below, he explains how Candy Tab works now and how he imagines it will look like when it is finished.

One of the features is being able to share its Loss Candy-groups with other, preferably in real time, so you can more easily cooperate. If you want to try Loss Candy, so it can be done by downloading the latest build.


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