27 July 2010

No common wireless HDMI standard

There are several suggestions on how to transfer the image from such a Blu-ray Disc player to a TV, but according to a report from the firm In-Stat, there is no consensus about which one should use .

The three technologies, it is about is WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface, WirelessHD and WiGig (Wireless Gigabit), developed respectively by Israeli AMIMON, U.S. SiBeam and WiGig Alliance.

None of the technologies are compatible with each other because they differ markedly in operation in some areas. WHDI communicates so in the 5 GHz area in which the two other uses spectrum around 60 GHz.

WirelessHD and WiGig differs in that the latter can also be used for data communications between computers, as behind firms see it as the future of Wi-Fi standard. Among WiGig-alliance members will find companies such as Broadcom, Dell, Intel, LG, Microsoft, NEC, Nokia, NXP, Panasonic and Samsung.

In-State's conclusion is that none of the technologies are particularly ripe yet, and combined with the fact that they are fighting each other, they expect a very slow diffusion of new televisions.


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