03 January 2011

The main key for PS3 announced

Geohot, known for his iPhone jailbreak, and to get Sony to remove "otheros" function when he found a security flaw in the PS3, has now been found and published PS3 scene's holy grail.

After a team of hackers called fail0verflow at a conference in Germany between Christmas and New Year, revealed how Sony had blown himself seriously in the random part (k) of their implementation of sikkerhedsalgoritmen ECDSA , so this would always be the same, there have been busy on the network more sinister side.
Keys to various loaders on the machine came on line, but common to all these was that they could be updated by Sony. Red more about Ps3

Now Geohot found the key to "Metldr" which is the part of the machine, which can decode all the loaders, and the key can not be updated from sony.

This means that the Play station 3 is hacked forever, and hackers could create their own firmwares and programs such as Linux can be installed on any machine, without using USB sticks, chips and more.

On the side where the key is published, there is also a salute to the three console manufacturers, where he offers to help in securing the next console they want to do.


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