09 May 2007

Coogee-free mobile stuff sharing community

Coogee (http://www.mycoogee.com/ ) is a mobile internet service founded in October 2006 for cell phone users. With Coogee, users can access, upload, store and share their cell phone contents and space (Coogee Space) with friends, family members and public instantly. How does Coogee work for you?
Coogee Space is a free registered web site. Access, store and share your personal cell phone contents on the go!
Download and install the free Coogee client help software, specific for your cell phone
Access your cell phone contents directly
Upload your cell phone contents to your cell phone space - Coogee Space
Share your cell phone contents instantly with your friends through an existing personal social network, say Instant Messages (i.e. MSN messenger), email (i.e. Hotmail), multimedia messages or short messages (i.e. phone books)
Coogee HIER (previously HIER) is an effective IM tool that enhances your communication style by instantly sharing with your already established social networks (e.g., your MSN friend list). A mobile place to:
Store (push to show)
Share All Happens Instantly On the Go!


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