20 June 2007

Apple: iPhone battery to last eight hours

Apple announced that its forthcoming iPhone (images and specs) will have a longer battery life than was previously expected. The iPhone will provide for eight hours of mobile phone talk time and about six hours of mobile Internet use. It will boast seven hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback and will retain its charge for 10 days while in standby mode. Back in January the company set the bar rather low with a promise of five hours of talk time.
While the iPhone does promise a mobile phone with longer battery life than many of those now currently available on the market, the iPhone battery cannot be removed. However, that seems incidental. Who removes their battery? Sony Ericsson says some of its Walkman phones provide nine hours of talk time. Sprint says its Samsung Upstage has about 6.3 hours of talk time. AT&T claims its Samsung Black Jack can last about 5.5 hours for talk time.


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