12 June 2007

Gear up for camping with the Eureka N!ergy tent with power outlets

How many times have you run out of battery power on your cell phone or mp3 player during a camping trip and wished that you could somehow charge them? Or just longed for a power outlet that you could plug your hair dryer into? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, your knight-in-shining-armor could very well be the N!ergy tent from Eureka.
The company, which specializes in camping gear, has designed the cool N!ergy tent with three 12V outlets right within the tent, with the wiring completely concealed.
What you need to do is buy a rechargeable battery source called the E! Power Pak (sold separately) and charge it before your camping trip. Then, plug it into the wiring system and you are ready to power upto 3 devices at once. In addition, there are glowing outlets throughout the tent for easy access to the power outlets in the dark.
Choose from three different sizes accommodating 5 (N!ergy 9), 8 (N!ergy 1210) or 10 (N!ergy 1310) people. Toss in an additional $50 for the E! Power Pak and get set for a geeky camping trip.


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