12 June 2007

Steve Jobs Keynote at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, Steve Jobs delivered the keynote, or "Jobnote" as some people were calling it, and the big news was, as expected:
1) Mac OS X Leopard, the newest operating system, which boasts over 300 new features, including a beautiful new interface. Jobs demonstrated with a live test of the system, and the programs that stood out for me were Quick Look, a new way to rapidly preview most files without opening an application; Time Machine, a new way to easily and automatically back up and restore lost files or a complete Mac and the enhanced iChat and Mail applications. Scheduled to ship in October, it looks to have all the WOW! factors Windows Vista promised but didn't deliver.
2) Jobs showed off the web browser, Safari 3, released as a public beta for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X. It's claimed that Safari 3 is the fastest web browser in the world. The public beta is available today as a free download at Safari.
3) iPhone. What we were all waiting for. Don't go running out to the Apple or AT&T store first thing in the morning on the date of release, June 29th. Jobs told us it wouldn't be available untill 6PM that night. The iPhone will run applications created with Web 2.0 Internet standards so that developers can create applications for the iPhone. So, for example, it will work with Google Maps and other third-party applications.


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