08 June 2007

Google’s Attempt For Mobile Dominion

Google is planning a strong move into the mobile, to the possible extent of creating a mobile operating system to challenge Symbian, Windows and so on—although a more likely scenario is a complete suite of products which run on a variety of OS’s. “But it will undoubtedly take on the companies behind those systems at the higher software levels where the battle for power is most crucial - the user interface, mobile browser and content frameworks” argues The Register. So while the Google system will likely support Java it will compete against Sun’s JavaFX Mobile. This would be a better way to go than creating an OS and trying to get it widely accepted—there are already plenty around and most carriers are seeking to minimize the number of different systems they support. The article suggests that the newly announced Google Gears will play a major part of Google’s mobile strategy, since being able to work effectively offline (the intention of Gears) is more important on mobile than on PCs


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