20 June 2007

Thinking Digitally Isn't A Separate Job Function For A Campaign Either

A year ago, we noted the silliness of companies having a separate "Chief Digital Officer" by noting that thinking digitally isn't a job function -- it's something that everyone at a company needs to take into account. Having a digital strategy isn't something you compartmentalize. It's something that has to be understood across the board. It appears that political campaigns don't quite understand this yet. David Weinberger points to political consultant Zack Exley, who is complaining about campaigns asking him to help them hire an "internet person" for their campaigns. He points out that the internet shouldn't be a separate part of the campaign -- but that the entire campaign staff needs to understand and make use of the internet. So, for all the talk of how digitally aware campaigns are this election season, perhaps the real turning point will be when the internet doesn't have its own separate strategy, but is simply a part of the overall strategy.


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