05 July 2007

Operate your Pocket PC/Smartphone from your desktop

Operate your Pocket PC/Smartphone from your desktop computer, record video, capture/print screens, view skins, explore, view battery/memory usage

With Pocket Controller View and control your Pocket PC/Smartphone from your desktop, using your desktop screen, keyboard and mouse. Enter data at high speed using your desktop keyboard Enlarge or shrink the Pocket PC/Smartphone screen to suit your taste Create recordings suitable for software training or demonstrations Use the Remote DOS Box tool to remotely execute DOS commands View your Pocket PC in a skin. Skins for most Pocket PCs are available Full Screen Background Mode, allows users to use solid color or HTML backgrounds, ideal for presentations Wysiwyg printing, print screens at various zoom and rotation levels, portrait or landscape modes, with/without a skin Capture Pocket PC/Smartphone screens and save them to disk Save Pocket PC/Smartphone screen to desktop computer clipboard Integrated Clipboard, transfer data between Pocket PC/Smartphone clipboard and the desktop clipboard.

Automatically Synchronize desktop and mobile device clipboards. Explore Tool, allows file transfer with ActiveSync or TCP/IP connection Macro Recording/Playback, record keystrokes and mouse events to a macro file that can be played back. Macro files are text files that can be edited and customized.

View Pocket PC/Smartphone screen in portrait or landscape modes Activate/Stop applications and processes, view detailed process information (i.e. DLLs loaded, threads information etc.). View Pocket PC/Smartphone utilization and system information, from your desktop computer Can be configured to automatically start/stop when you dock/un-dock your Pocket PC Full keyboard support, including support for hardware “Application Buttons” Online documentation Connect via ActiveSync or Wired/Wireless TCP/IP Configure multiple Connection profiles, multiple TCP/IP addresses, control multiple Pocket PC/Smartphone devices simultaneously by running multiple instances of Pocket Controller Support for English, English(UK), French, German, German(Swiss), Portuguese(Brazil), Spanish(International), Spanish(Latin American), Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, and Italian keyboards. 8 months of free upgrades and 1 year of free technical support

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