09 August 2007

HTML Again Becoming Developer's First Choice

HTML 5 is part of the future of the Web. Its new elements enable clearer, simpler markup that makes pages more obvious. Div and span still have their places, but those places are much more restricted than they used to be. Many pages will no longer need to use them.

Although not all browsers will support these new elements at first, the same has been true for most elements introduced after HTML was first invented: img, table, object, and many more. Support will come with time. In the meantime, HTML's must-ignore behavior for unrecognized elements means that users with legacy browsers will still be able to read HTML 5 pages. They can do so today. Users with more modern browsers will get an enhanced experience, but no one will be left out.

Eight years is a long time to wait for new features, especially in the fast-moving world of the Web. HTML 5 restores some of the excitement of the early days when Netscape, Microsoft, and others were introducing new elements every other week. At the same time, it takes a much more careful approach to defining these elements so that everyone can use them interoperably. The future looks bright.

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