09 August 2007

What Howard Tomlinson, CEO Astraware Says about their Portfolio

Read a little chit chat and a formal discussion with CEO of Astraware Technologies. Astraware is one of the leading developers who publishes and distributes games, entertainment and lifestyle products for mobile devices across a wide range of platforms. According to Howard, Astraware started as a hobby and steadily grew into one of the most experienced and trusted development brands in the business. They have customers in over 100 countries worldwide.Astraware has given us some of the most popular and top selling puzzle games like Astraware Sudoko, Astraware Solitaire, Bejeweled etc. To discover more on Astraware, go through the interview and dont forget to tell us what you think of it.

“It is hard to fit in all of the content from a PC game into a PDA, but the secret is to focus on the essence of what is most important about the game, and to convey that experience in the best way possible”, says Howard Tomlinson, CEO Astrware.

What types of games and softwares you have in your portfolio and which platforms you have been mainly working for?

We’ve had a range of game styles – puzzle games and action games have been most popular, because they are appropriate for the small devices and can be played easily in small bites of time.

Most of our effort so far has been on Palm OS and Windows Mobile, including Windows Mobile for Smartphone (now called “Windows Mobile Standard”). We’ve recently been working on extra platforms, including Mobile Linux and Palm’s Foleo, and we’ll be adding more phone platforms in the future too.

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