10 August 2007

MOTOMAGX!! Motorola's Mobiel Linux Platform

Motorola has announced its mobile Linux platform, called MOTOMAGX. The release of the new mobile operating platform will be on the new ROKR Z6 and the followup to the RAZR, the RAZR V8. The V8 will be the company's first Linux-based handset available in North America.

"At Motorola, we know that software is just as important as hardware-through the introduction of our MOTOMAGX platform, we are reinforcing our firm commitment to Linux and empowering our developer community to innovate with us in exciting new ways," Alain Mutricy, senior vice president of platform technology at Motorola's Mobile Devices, said in a statement.
Motorola also announced that over the next few years it expects up to 60% of its handset portfolio to be based on mobile Linux.

Motorola's MOTOMAGX platform is designed to support content created by third-party developers; the platform supports applications developed in Java ME, with plans to introduce new WebUI and native Linux application environments in upcoming releases. To encourage third party development, Motorola has also announced its MOTODEV Studio integrated development environment, to facilitate innovative and timely applications.

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