28 August 2007

Waiting for 5th September! Keep fingers crossed

It looks like an official invitation of Apple. They are going to announce something new.People are predicting about this event onEngadget. Here are few commnets,

Tony Says: "If that's the official invite? No doubt! That's what coverflow on my iPhone looks like, and I'll bet that's what coverflow will look like on whatever iPod they debut on the 5th. I don't think the 5th gen iPod has the horsepower to do coverflow, and it would be so small on that screen, there has to be something new to handle it."

Snakej23 says: "I definitely think new ipods I work at best buy and and most of our stores have been out of all ipods for about a week and a half now and we havent gotten any or show that we are getting any and the last time this happened the new ipods were released."

waiownsyou says: "The new iPod is definitely coming out. I just hope it's not really that ugly and fat iPod that'll replace the nano that was shown a few days ago by Engadget. The last time I saw it, I washed my eyes out with soap and cried myself to sleep."


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