05 September 2007

Nokia N76! Mass production faults?

According to a post from Mobile Review, i foung some interesting facts about Nokia N71.Nokia experienced no global issue with the quality of their handsets. Undoubtedly, every model had some flaws, but the way they were treated greatly depended on personal loyalty to the brand – many refused to spot the Nokia N71’s peeling-off edging, which was in fact a defect of the design. The number of flaws has varied from handset to handset, but it wouldn’t be right to claim that some device had a hundred percent faulty shipments. However, the Russian market saw an exception in the form of the Nseries models, which couldn’t tap into GPRS within MTS, Beeline, occasionally Megafon networks, though the latter almost didn’t experience such difficulties. The crux of the matter was the software installed on these handsets, which was tailored to more contemporary networks, rather than some custom variations offered by the Russian carriers. Read the full story at Mobile Review.


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