17 June 2009

IBM will spend 100 million on mobile research

Mobile world is chnaging slowly and now big brands of computing world are jumping in. In a recent news report it was anounced that IBM plans to spend 100 million USD on mobile research facusing on analytics; security; privacy and user interface . The research aims to bring a pie from mobile based applications for IBM.

IBM’s research will add $100 million to wireless efforts over the next five years – $4 million less than venture firms invested in the wireless industry for the entire month of May. Currently mobile innovation is primarily benefiting consumers, who can use mobile devices to read books, find out the name of songs, shop and even track their fitness goals. Enterprise adoption of novel applications and phones, meanwhile, is still lagging over concerns about corporate security. IBM could help change that.

IBM investment will not bring any change to this industry, but it could lead to IBM buying up some startups — if its research convinces it that there’s a high-value software or services play that allows Big Blue to make money in mobile.

Source: gigaom.com


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