25 October 2009

Altec Lansing speakers: Altec Lansing speakers.

Here is an Altec Lansing speakers. It has a combination of bombastic performance and a minimalist, distinctive design. U.S. speaker manufacturer will have the powerful subwoofer back in the picture - and it should even be compact enough for a space on your desktop or TV bench in the league with a flat screen can be considered. Basta.

The result is the 2.1 speaker set FX3021, which - despite modest physical dimensions - promises to be both enjoyable musical connoisseurs and gamers with a penchant for geværild and explosions. Our immediate impression of the power output of 36 watts is indeed positive.

It is perhaps due to Altec - by virtue of the compact, cone-shaped subwoofer - made it possible to create a more integrated sound, which as not listening experience, the subwoofer hums from a corner away from the satellites.

Engineers of Altec says that cone shape ensures that minimize standing waves in the cabinet, which guarantees the most accurate sound reproduction.

For comparison suggests that ordinary rectangular cabinets reflect a mishmash of sounds back and forth on an echo-like fashion.

Without going into a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of different kinds of loudspeaker design, we must indicate that the subwoofer 28 watts manages to take a natural part of the soundstage, which by nature is much more integrated than if we had thrown Our save money for an ordinary stereo speakers.

Performance was satisfactory at the middle level of the subwoofer, but it lost steam and blared just enough if we screwed up higher. In this price range there are naturally a limit to how massive a bass that can be expected.

In return, we are impressed with the design that seems to significantly more than it costs. The polished black surface and the gray, metallic appearance top manages to really hide the fact that the main component is plastic.

On the back of the subwoofer is bonding, AUX jack, commonly jack and a 9-pin jack to connect satellite speakers to the subwoofer. Altec has placed a dedicated volume controls on top, which also acts as on / off switch.

+ Attractively priced - looks more expensive than it is
+ Compact subwoofer sensational design
+ Easy connection and use

- The lack of control station or remote
- Mister clear breath at higher volumes


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